LUCKYMUSH  – a not so brief history

Hello there, you nosy little person or should I say very inquisitive stranger. Either way, I really don’t know you, but isn’t that the sole purpose of this page anyway? Well, let me indulge you for a moment. For starters, let me just say thank you for visiting my site, unless of course you’ve been going down the rabbit hole of the interwebs, and now here you are. Well, surprise, MF’s! 

Ok, back to me, myself and I. My name is Cristina – sans H. Please don’t get it wrong or you’ll be cut… off that is. The only exception I’ll make is if you mistakenly write my name on my coffee cup, but the coffee is sooo damn good, then all is forgiven…  in that moment… while I silently curse your name. Shout to all my fellow lactose intolerants, who’ve at one point in time have become the equivalent of an Olympic trained athlete, running the 100-meter dash to the nearest toilet. Let me just tell you, there’s no time for panic in those situations. There’s only one direction. And no, to be clear, that’s not a musical reference. 

And by now:

Two things you know about me: no “H” in my name and no lactose. Isn’t that enough? Oh, you want to know more? Why the name LUCKYMUSH you ask? Ok, let me tell you. If you’re anything like me (umm, you’re welcome), you are one of those very ‘fortunate’ or ‘blessed’ people who have daily or weekly random encounters. Like, really random to the point when you try to explain it to people, their gut reactions are always a series of huh? No way! Wait, how? What the f*ck? Followed by, you should really write that sh*t down. Yes, I swear a lot, and if you don’t like it, click away and be gone. Just kidding. You’re stuck with me now. So, yes, I’ve decided to write some of that sh*t down.

Putting the mush in the lucky: 

Have you ever slipped on a banana peel, like actually fallen in front of a bus of high school students? I did. Have you ever almost ripped an old lady’s mole off thinking it was a fly on her neck? Ok, ok, in my defense, it was pretty dark outside and we were surrounded by trees and there were A LOT of insects. Or have you ever mixed your words (this may or may not be a daily occurrence for me) and said the word sexual instead of sectional to a pervy customer who was trying to hit on you? Well, let’s just say I turned 50 shades of red, and no, he didn’t buy the sofa. Those real-life stories are almost like the mush to the luck so to speak. Where’s the luck in all of it?  1: They make for great stories. 2: They make for a fun distraction from all the heavy political madness we get blasted with on the daily.  And, 3: They make for a great connection point; a place to share your stories with others. Dare I say, a place to engage; kinda like the good ol’ days.

So, this is where you come along. Feel free to share your own funny LUCKYMUSH stories. You can do so by emailing me at luckymushinfo@gmail.com, or follow me on Instagram, and Twitter. Like or share away, my fellow luckymushers.


Cristina (sans h)

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