10 Reasons why you should watch Trevor Noah’s “Son of Patricia” stand-up comedy special

Disclaimer: Jokes will be spoiled. Not sorry.

  1. The man is damn smart. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Someone who has the ability to tell a story with a message AND make you laugh at the same time is no easy feat. Just like my all-time favorite comedian, Dave Chappelle.
  3. You know you’re getting old when you turn on the radio (yes, I know I just dated myself pretty hard, but at least I didn’t say tune into the radio) and have absolutely no idea what you are listening to? Yes, I’m the queen of misheard lyrics and I literally march to beat of my own drum.
  4. What the hell is trap music? “Every trap song to me sounds like a toddler complaining about life. That’s all I hear when I listen to trap songs.” I’m with Trevor Noah on this one. I always have an intense look of concentration, followed by hours wasted time from looking up the lyrics on the interwebs. Ok, and maybe a little bit of rapping in front of the mirror. Shhhh.
  5. I love, love, love food! I know this is a common statement for me, and simply because it’s true. Another witty and tasteful bit by Mr. Noah is how he describes the relationship between people and food. “I think there should be a rule in America that says you can hate immigrants all you want, but if you do, you don’t get to eat their food… If you hate immigrants, no immigrant food.” Amen to that.
  6. And with that… “no immigrants, no spice.” Well, ain’t that the truth.
  7. Isn’t always weird when you talk to people and they say things like “I’ve never had coffee in my life” or “I’ve never tasted a bagel.” WHAAAAT? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS? DO YOU EVER LEAVE YOUR HOUSE? You have choices people, choices.
  8. Speaking English versus American or in my case, Canadian. That’s a daily struggle between my husband and I. Rubbish vs garbage, lift vs elevator, jumper vs sweater and the list goes on. I have no idea what he’s saying half of the time? Maybe that’s why we get along so well?
  9. “Snnnnnnnnaaaake! That’s how racism starts.” I too am not a fan of snakes – both the people and the species.
  10. Want to see a series of my reactions while watching the special? Check out my wakelet. It will change your life.

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